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About Us

We're eKehilla! The vibrant community taking online learning and growth up a few levels.


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Combining honest intellectual investigation with sincere emotional vulnerability we're courageously seeking a meaningful Judaism and authentic relationship with Hashem

We are not about "feel good" posts or adding more emojis to cyberspace, rather we're committed to adding a new dimension to online learning. We appreciate the energy and excitement of a thriving, eager community of Yidden united if the search of kirvas Elokim

Why You Should Join Us

Don't just listen to a shiur, engage with the speaker!  Ask your questions, enrich with your perspective and share your inspiration. Do all this inside a vibrant community of other growing Yidden:)

With topics such as marriage, Parsha, halacha, teshuva, shabbos kodesh and more there's something relevant here for you to sink your teeth into.

Connect and meet with other serious, growth oriented Yidden who share your passion about similar topics

And of course, experience Rabbi Stauber's unique and transformational seminars in emunah, shabbos kodesh, teshuva and shalom bayis and jumpstart your journey.

A Big Thanks

Thanks for bringing your passion and inspiration to a world that needs it! As the pace of life gets more frenetic, and deep learning and growth become more scarce, Klall Yisroel needs your help your band together and shteig!

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